Virtual servers (VPS/VDS)
The hosting company offers for rent Datalahti virtual private servers (VPS or VDS) individuals and legal entities. more …
19-inch rack
Rack mount or allocation space for racks is available with our Datacenter. See reference conditions in the table on the right. more …
Collocation is one of the main B2B services.The equipment is located in the premises with conditioning system. more …
International phone calls
Communication between computers is carried out, with the corresponding software, which, through the Internet.
About Us

You start a new project and thinking about where to install the server and storage system? You want to change the infrastructure of an existing project and move the equipment to another data center? Rate Datalahti opportunities for placement of customer equipment: large rooms, high-quality racks, uninterrupted power supply and air conditioning, and much more!

Our advantages

In Datalahti possible to rent a rack in whole or in part. The equipment of leading manufacturers (Rittal, Conteg) usually is available, so the performance of the order does not take long. The presence of the main channel with high capacity of the largest operators will make it possible not to wonder about the problems with the network availability of your equipment. We always try to meet the serious projects and are ready to discuss individual accommodation.

Video monitoring of office
24/7 Customer Support
Continuous power supply
Extinguishing system
Datalahti news
Data Center equipment for three hours till

In case of simultaneous both infeeds blackout the main UPS is able to ensure safe operation of the Data Center equipment for three hours till the failover to the diesel generator and its power operation.  

Electronic safety system consists

Electronic safety system consists of: CCTV, RMON 24/7/365 and auto identity access.  Support engineers are on duty round the clock ready to assist at trouble-shooting.  

Data Center is equipped with video control

For the higher safety level the Data Center is equipped with video control, electronic system for safety and physical access control.