Collocation is one of the main B2B services.

The equipment is located in the premises with conditioning system. The Data center is energized with no break power supply from 2 independent infeeds with hot failover. It’s possible to power the equipment rigged with two power units from two independent infeeds each being energized from the separate power distribution unit.

See reference conditions in the table on the right.

Service parameters may be adapted to your demands.



Rack dimensions, mm 1U 19″ (800х1200)*
Power supply up to 300W/U**
Two power units supply from two independent infeeds Yes
KVM On demand
Internet access up to 10 Gb/s***
IP-addresses 2
Installation fee 80 EUR
Price 50 EUR (monthly, VAT included)


Optional Services

  1. Customer’s equipment installation in accordance with the demands or the scheme suggested, including communications inside the rack.
  2. Controlled power distribution system with monitoring and power outlet remote control possibility.
  3. KVM commutator for equipment remote control.
  4. Expert maintenance of the equipment.
  5. Additional IP-addresses.
  6. “Remote hands” – necessary operating, reboot, service etc.
  7. Purchase and installation of server equipment in Finland.



* Unit (1U) – is a height measurement unit for the equipment installed into 19″ rack. The racks used in our Data center is 45x475x1000 (HxWxD). The installation of equipment not fitting these racks is also possible, but should be discussed optionally.

** Engaging to one power supply. Power consumption is 350W for 1 Unit. Power consumption is considered to be a half of power supply capacity according to manufacturing characteristics.

*** Maximum Internet access speed is up to 10 Gb/s